From Storm Thorgerson:

When we came to do Dark Side, Rick was largely responsible because he said, “I don’t want one of your crummy pictures, Storm. Why can’t we have some cool graphic?” And I said, “Well, Rick, I don’t do cool graphics. I do ‘crummy pictures’ as you call them.” And so he said, “Well, do it anyway.” And I went, “Well, I can’t, I don’t do that, it’s not my thing.” He said, “Well, take it as a challenge. Endeavor to rise to the challenge, to rise to the occasion, Storm.” He was very condescending and quite funny about it. And I walked away, and I was so annoyed that I took up the challenge and did what some would call “a cool graphic,” which was Dark Side. Which Rick was, of course, eternally grateful, because it wasn’t one of my crummy pictures. 


However, when we came to Wish You Were Here, I think I thought it was time to return to the “crummy pictures” as Rick called it.


Omg he was so salty about it