what ur fav pink floyd album says abt u

piper at the gates of dawn: u want to believe in happiness even tho the depression tryin 2 get u down. lov u

saucerful of secrets: u believe in aliens & probably hug trees sometimes. probably likes ginger ale. might own a lizard

more: kind of pretentious. u think the 60s is the best era but get 60s & 70s shit confused a lot. u like faded gifs of naked ladies in fields

ummagumma: u probably pronounce it ‘uh-muh-guh-muh’ instead of ‘ooh-mah-goo-mah.’ watches horror films bc u want 2 seem tough but u always get scared af. owns several potted cactuses probably

atom heart mother: “why isn’t anyone talking abt this.” halloween is ur favourite holiday & u love rick wright a little more than the average person probably

meddle: “it’s pronounced ‘meedle.’” u drink too much coffee & probably take aesthetic pictures of buildings & rain & books. pretty blessed person tbh

obscured by clouds: u think ur cool bc it’s ur favourite. u have a soft spot for cats & cozy shit & ur favourite season is probably winter. aesthetic hoe. u secretly think ur better than other people but ur kind & lovable

dark side of the moon: u probably listen to this album on repeat & ur p sure it’s the best album ever written. u defend it a Little too much but w/e. associate heavily with 40-50 y/o dads. u use the phrase ‘classic rock’ a lot

wish you were here: u probably have a b&w depression side blog. also u probably listen 2 supertramp a lot. u run p hand-in-hand w/ the dark side of the moon people but u think ur better bc u think dark side of the moon is overrated & somehow u think wish you were here is underrated

animals: ur more political than u need to be & ‘capitalism is violence’ is one of ur most-used tumblr tags. u would do anything 4 roger waters & u probably have at least one (1) pink floyd poster in ur room. possibly a scorpio

the wall: u think cigarettes r a cool aesthetic. u probably have a thing for black nails & matte lipstick. u like 2 be edgy & watch the wall movie in the dark & u also probably like the doors a lot

the final cut: ur main blog is a b&w depression blog. quadrophonia is possibly ur favourite who album. every time someone brings up pink floyd, u won’t shut up abt this being ur favourite album

a momentary lapse of reason: u secretly like to think u know more than most people abt p much everything. maybe u do. u drink a lot of tea & like dogs. a p soft person generally. nerdy probably

the division bell: u love david gilmour with an unwavering passion. u also really like christmas. p chill & u make good conversation. gentle & adorable

the endless river: secret softcore aesthetic. may or may not stalk nick mason but it just be that way u know. really dedicated